Hubungan Kesiapan Diri Terhadap Perubahan Fisik Masa Pubertas Pada Remaja Putri Di SMP Negeri 32 Surabaya

  • vivin indrianita Fakultas Ilmu Kesehatan, Universitas Merdeka Surabaya
Keywords: Self Preparedness, Physical Changes


Physical changes in adolescence is not a problem that makes it unprepared for everything, but as a teenager who began experiencing various physical changes, of course self-preparation in adolescence is very important for teenagers able to deal with everything bravely. This study aims to determine the relationship of self-preparedness to the physical changes of puberty in young women in Junior Hight Shool at 32 Surabaya. This research uses descriptive method. The sampling technique used is random sampling with a sample of 136 respondents. Data collection using questionnaires to measure Physical changes and Readiness. Technique of data analysis with statistical test of Chi Square got result with significance level α = 0,05 show ρ = 0, 000 means ρ <α then H0 is rejected. The results of this study is there is a relationship between self-preparedness to physical changes in puberty in young women in Junior High School at 32 Surabaya. Therefore, self-preparedness is the main basis for a teenager in experiencing any changes that occur in puberty. Because the more ready a teenager undergoes a physical change the better the adolescent receives the physical changes she experiences, not even shy, anxious, afraid, and uncomfortable with their own bodies.