Hubungan Status Pengawas Minum Obat (PMO) Dengan Kejadian Loss To Follow Up (LTFU) Pada Terapi ARV

  • Ketut Eka Larasati Wardana STIKES BULELENG
  • Yopita Triguno STIKES BULELENG
  • Gusti Putu Candra STIKES BULELENG
  • Luh Putu Desy Puspaningrat STIKES BULELENG
  • Ni Kadek Ayu Tamara Widya Sari STIKES BULELENG
Keywords: LTFU, PMO, Kepatuhan


Compliance and regularity of taking medication is still a classic problem that is difficult to overcome until now, especially in patients on antiretroviral therapy. This study aims to analyze the relationship between PMO status and the incidence of LTFU in patients receiving ARV therapy in Buleleng Regency. This research is a type of analytic study with a longitudinal approach using medical record data from patients who received ARV therapy in the period of 2005 to 2015 in Buleleng District Hospital. The proportion of LTFU events in the 2005 to 2015 period in Buleleng Regency reached 223 people (18.52%) out of a total of 1204 patients receiving ARV therapy. Overall patients who did not have PMO were 172 people (14.29%). There is a significant relationship between taking medication status and the incidence of LTFU in patients receiving ARV therapy. This is evidenced from the chi-square analysis test conducted p value <0.05 which is 0.03. Monitoring and evaluating the status of drug administrators need to be continually assessed by health workers to improve compliance and reduce the incidence of LTFU.

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Gusti Putu Candra, STIKES BULELENG


Luh Putu Desy Puspaningrat, STIKES BULELENG